Win Google’s Trust, Win Potential Customers and Clients 


Have you implemented your FAQ schema markup but haven’t seen it in Google Search? Does it feel like you’ve done everything right and yet this still continues to be a problem? Like so much else that has to do with online marketing, this is one of those tasks that has to be done exactly the right way. If even a little part of it is wrong, then that could take the entire enterprise. Danny Star and the team here have helped plenty of clients to climb the Google Rankings the right way. 

Danny Star

A Word from Google 


Someone asked more or less this same question in a recent Google hangout (as well documented by the good folks at Search Engine Journal) with Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller. He stated that the first thing Google looks at is whether your work is “technically correct.” This is a step that too many overlook. You have to do all of this the right way or you can’t even progress to the next steps. 


Beyond that, it needs to be “compliant with Google’s policies.” Fortunately, as John Mueller states, “I don’t think we have any kind of significant policies around FAQ rich results other than that the content should be visible on the page.” 


It’s the third level that’s the most interesting, the one that companies may have to look at the most: trustworthiness. As asked in that article, “does Google trust the content?” 


As John Mueller states, “and the third issue that sometimes comes into play here is we need to be able to understand that this website is kind of trustworthy in that regard that we can trust this data to be correct. And that is sometimes something where, from a quality point of view, we’re maybe not convinced about a website and then we wouldn’t show it..” 


So, there it is. If you can’t convince Google of the trustworthiness of your website, then you’re less likely to be able to get your FAQ (and much else) in front of the customers that matter. But, there’s always hope. As John Mueller says, “if (all of the technical and compliance) parts are correct, then I would think about like well what can I do to significantly improve the quality of my website overall?” 


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