Marketing Lessons from the Pork Industry 

Danny Star

Do you feel stuck in your marketing? When you sit down to create your content, does it feel like you’re always doing the same old same old? Here on the Danny Star Team, we’ve realized that one of the best ways to deal with that exact concern is to look outside of your industry, possibly even to those industries far afield from what you offer. 


It’s that thinking that led us to this fascinating article in “AgWeek” called “Livestock Producers Could Be Their Operation’s Best Marketing Tool.” As you know, it can be a great boon to have influencers, those who are respected, reach an audience, and know both quite a bit about what it is that you do and how to make your company appeal to their audience. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that, for practically any business, you are your best influencer. 

Danny Star

What That Means 


At first glance, “you are your best influencer” sounds almost hokey or cliched, the kind of thing that’s given as advice simply to brush one-off. However, there’s real truth to it. Namely: you know what you do better than anyone else. You do so organically, naturally, and you have real passion for your company. That’s always going to come through. 


Indeed, it’s part of the reason that we always recommend our new clients do a podcast with us. There, they can help their SEO, sure, but they can also connect to a new audience in a more human way. That’s true regardless of how much “experience on camera” they have or anything of that nature. 


This article in AgWeek proves that. For example, the “Director of Producer and State Engagement for the National Pork Board” said that pork producers “are still our best spokesperson. You stand up and tell why you’re in agriculture, how you grew up in agriculture, how you’re feeding the world, you’re doing it healthy, you’re doing it nutritiously, and it’s a safe product… “


He went on to say: “it helps pork producers talk to people at church, Little League baseball games, and basketball. When they ask about livestock production, we’re going to try to help them remember to tell their story, tell why they’re in the business and point out all the positive attributes of working in the livestock industry.” 


Now, we’re not saying that you have to tell everyone you see in your day to day life what you do. But, by being your own spokesperson, you give yourself the best chance to connect in a human way. To grow your business, schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250.