The New Experiences Your Customers Want 

Danny Star

Now that the world is reopening more and more, does it feel like your customers’ expectations have changed? Have you felt that some of what your customers want is different than what it had been? If so, you aren’t alone. Recently, Google released a study showing how customers across many different industries are “looking for new experiences.” 


If you’re able to “get out in front of these,” so to speak, you may be in a better position to grow your business, during this spring and really any time of year. The Danny Star Team has helped so many businesses to be able to provide better service to their customers across industries, now Danny can do the same for you. 

Danny Star

In One Word: Convenience 


To sum up the findings of Google’s study, that’s what customers want more of. Regardless of what services and/or goods that you offer, folks want more convenience. That comes through in how “next day flower delivery has grown globally over 800%,” as well as how searches for “dog friendly restaurants have grown over 100%,” and even how “late night shopping has grown globally over 100%.” 


The pandemic and the lockdowns have been so hard on so many. One expectation that many customers have coming out of them, however, is that they can make their own schedules, that they can do what they want when they want. That also comes through in another finding from the study: “searches for 24 7 customer service have grown globally by over 500%.” 


No one wants to “wait around” anymore, nor do they want to have to arrange their schedule around a business. The company that is able to provide people solutions when they want those solutions (and not later) will have a better chance to not just continue to grow but to go to a higher level. 


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