An Objective Eye for Small Business Owners 

Danny Star

“We’ve been trying everything we know to grow our business online, but nothing’s working!” Have you ever found yourself saying that? It’s an all-too-common phrase for small to medium business owners. After all, no matter what industry you’re in, odds are you didn’t get into it for digital marketing or to do SEO. Those are just some of the reasons that it’s so important to have an objective eye, a knowledgeable outsider who can help. Enter Danny Star and his team. 

Danny Star

A Way to Help 


If you’re like so many other small business owners, you’re probably involved in everything the company does. That makes all of the sense in the world, it’s your company, you’ve probably been there since the very beginning. However, when it comes to so many aspects of the business, it can really pay off to have someone with an objective eye, who can look at what you’re doing and see what is and isn’t working. 


That said, you probably don’t need a consultant to tell you what isn’t working for your business. That you’re already aware of. Instead, what you need is someone who can help you to turn it around, to suggest ways to make your business better. That’s where Danny’s experience really shines. As a consultant, as a digital marketer, he’s helped businesses of all kinds and at all levels to grow. 


The last thing you want to do is to spend more time and more money implementing strategies that won’t work, or, alternatively, won’t bring you the kind of success you’re looking for. Danny can help you to upgrade what you do and how you do it, so that you can take your business to the next level. To schedule a consultation with Danny Star to grow your business, all you have to do is call (213) 457-3250.