TikTok Marketing for Beginners and Beyond 

Danny Star

“TikTok sounds great, but how do we get started with that? Sure, I’d love to put our company on TikTok and build a following, yet I have no idea how to do so.” Yes, companies may not come to Danny Star and the team saying those exact words, but we’ve heard some version of that many times since TikTok rose to prominence. The truth is that getting started with TikTok can be easier than you might think. 


TikTok content is different from what you might find on other platforms, yes. But, many of the fundamentals are the same. It may feel like TikTok is alien, or somehow very different from other kinds of platforms yet what people want on TikTok tends to be a more TikTok-version of what you can find elsewhere. 

Danny Star

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When Danny works with a client on their TikTok marketing, often the first thing he has them start with is, well, themselves. TikTok, for so many of them, is a new audience. And what’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? Right, you introduce yourself. TikTok is no different in this regard. 


So, when you’re starting with TikTok, Danny tends to have the client begin with videos explaining their goods and services, how they work, and so forth. Question and answer sessions are great – whether it’s taking questions from viewers/customers, asking the staff questions, or even asking the founder/CEO questions. 


Case examples, real-life explanations of how things work can be potent, as can taking TikTok viewers “behind the scenes,” too. Now, you might have read to this point and thought: “OK, I know how to do much of that stuff on say, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. How do I do it on TikTok?” Danny’s helped so many to make that exact leap. 


TikTok is very concerned with authenticity, with not being “sold” anything. If you find yourself going into a traditional “sales” model, odds are you’re going to lose folks on TikTok. They want to be entertained, not marketed to. 


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