What Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant is Like 

Danny Star

“Why does my company need a consultant? We’re doing OK, are we really going to benefit from having a digital marketing consultant?” Those are valid questions to ask. After all, you’ve gotten your company to the point where it is without a consultant. However, the Danny Star team has found that there’s a good analogy for what a consultant can offer, an analogy that correlates with something that you do every day: proofreading. That’s not to say that a consultant works as a proofreader, mind you, but that they can serve a similar purpose in a macro sense. 

Danny Star

How a Consultant Can Help 


Think about all of the proofreading you or your team do in the course of a day. Why do you proofread? So that what you put out is exactly how you want it to be seen, yes. In hopes that it will connect with your potential customers and grow your business, sure. But also so that you aren’t just looking at it as you create it. 


When you write or create something, in the moment when you’re done, it’s very natural and human to feel that rush of accomplishment. You should, you did something. But, that feeling, welcome as it is, can keep you from noticing any ways that it could be improved, that it could be altered so as to help your company even more. 


Then, if you’re like so many, you return to what you’ve created to proofread it. Then, you’re looking at it with a different, more critical and objective eye. With this, you’re able to spot any flaws you may not have noticed previously so that you can improve them before your content is released to the world. 


That’s very much how a consultant can help your company. 


A consultant can look at what you’ve done objectively, so as to figure out the best way for your company to move forward. They may be able to spot what you and your team might be too close to, all in hopes of improving your company. 


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