TikTok Marketing: Best Practices 

Danny Star

Have you thought about getting started with TikTok marketing but aren’t sure where to begin? Does it feel a bit intimidating just beginning your TikTok strategy? That’s perfectly understandable. Indeed, when Danny Star and the team here talk to potential clients about building a TikTok marketing strategy, many are initially reticent. They may feel that TikTok is for younger folks, and so forth. 


As we’ve proven many times, there are folks of all ages on TikTok. No matter what business and industry you’re in, you have potential customers and clients on TikTok. As with anything else in business (as well as life), there are some best practices to follow that can help any TikTok strategy. 

Danny Star

When to Post on TikTok 


The folks at “Influencer Marketing Hub” have done some amazing research. They found when, exactly, the best times to post on TikTok are. Specifically, these are the best times to post for “the best engagement rates.” 


You can see the entire list in the link, but it’s striking how different the times are, how seemingly arbitrary. Monday at 10 PM, Tuesday at 2 and 4 AM, Wednesday at 11 PM, Friday at 1 PM, and so forth – there are some times on there that many of us would not have initially guessed. 


This doesn’t mean, of course, that you should not post if you’re considering posting at another time. That wouldn’t preclude your post from being engaged with or anything of the sort. 


The best thing to take from this list of times is that it’s one more sign that TikTok really is astoundingly popular. It is beloved by so many and used so often, that there really are people to engage with at 5 AM on a Friday as well as 11 PM on a Wednesday. With the right TikTok marketing strategy, you can reach the folks that you want your business to at any time. 


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