What Can Make TikTok Marketing So Effective for Your Business 

Danny Star

Have you been wondering whether or not it’s worth it to get started with TikTok marketing? Do you feel like it’s not worth it, particularly if you’re already marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and so forth? That’s understandable, as you need to be able to find the platforms that are best for your business. However, one way that Danny Star’s consulting has helped so many businesses is to find the best platforms (as well as strategies) to target their customers. 


TikTok has more advantages than some may think. For one, the audience tends to be older than most folks think. Yes, there are plenty of young people on TikTok, but there are millions thirty and older as well. One of the best reasons to take advantage of TikTok marketing: folks buy things that they see on there. 

Danny Star

“I Tend to Buy Brands I See Advertised” 


That’s a statement that GWI tested among TikTok users. What they found was staggering. Roughly 61% of folks agreed with that statement. That means essentially two out of every three people on TikTok buy from brands that they see on TikTok. Now, it’s important to note that this said “brand” and not “product” or “service.” That speaks to the importance of having your brand come through strongly on TikTok, as well as having a brand that fits the platform. 


Beyond that, another interesting survey question was: “I would buy a product to be part of the community built around it.” more than 50% of respondents agreed with that phrase. Again, this shows how the key to TikTok is to make your brand work for TikTok. TikTok is unique from other platforms in that it really does require having a brand that TikTok will gravitate towards. 


Danny can help with that, as he has with so many other companies. To get started with your TikTok marketing or to grow from where you are, schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250.