Reasons to Expand Your TikTok Marketing: 68 

Danny Star



Have you been considering getting into TikTok marketing for your business? Or, alternatively, have you been thinking about expanding the TikTok marketing you’re doing? Over the last year or so, Danny Star and the team have helped many clients to do better on TikTok than they had previously. During that time, not coincidentally, TikTok has grown its marketing reach massively. Today, it’s more popular than ever. 


No matter what industry you’re in, your prospective customers and clients are on TikTok. That’s true no matter what age they are. Yes, there’s plenty of young folks on TikTok. However, there are plenty of people above the age of 20 (and 30, 40, etc.) too. That said, there’s another important reason that TikTok marketing can help: 68 minutes. 

Danny Star

The Power of 68 Minutes 


Specifically, that’s the number of minutes each day that the average TikTok user in the United States is on the app, as “Business of Apps” found. That’s more than an hour. Are there plenty of people who are on TikTok for several hours? Sure. But, for that number to be that high, it means that there are plenty of casual users who are on the app for much, much longer than you might think. 


That number has only gone up in recent years. Now, TikTok’s marketing program is very precise in its targeting. That means it can absolutely, when used properly, point your company towards your prospective customers. Now, as you might imagine, in more than an hour, your company will be seen by those people… again, when this is done properly. 


That’s where Danny and the team come in. We’ve helped others to grow on this platform and now we can do the same for you. To schedule a constellation with Danny Star to improve TikTok marketing and so much else, call (213) 457-3250.