You Can’t Plan to Go Viral on TikTok, But You Can Put Do This 

Danny Star

Have you been looking to stand out from the rest in your TikTok marketing? Did you give up on TikTok marketing (or just never try) because you weren’t sure how to “go viral?” The truth is that there’s no way to guarantee “going viral,” having that piece of content that “catches on.” However, with TikTok, and the way the algorithm is situated, you do (in many ways) have a better chance of getting your content in front of more potential customers than you might elsewhere. 


It all starts with how you approach it. Danny Star and the team here have helped so many to be able to grow their business on TikTok. No matter what industry you’re in or age demographic that you’re targeting, it’s more than likely that so many of them are on TikTok right now. 

Danny Star

You’ve Got What You Need 


Many potential clients struggle to understand that at first. They tend to think something like: “if I’m going to be going on TikTok, I need to have the best lighting, the best production values possible.” That’s not the case. In fact, that can lead to your videos looking less authentic, and more “salesy.” Having a human element, something that looks unpolished, can be a great boon on TikTok. 


Moreover, you have what you need in terms of expertise. You’re an expert at what you do. You know how to explain it to folks. Now, you’re just putting it into a different context. Some of the most popular videos on TikTok are videos where business owners like you show how their business works, share tips of the trade, and so forth. 


Something else you’re going to need with TikTok: consistency. Putting out great content on a consistent basis. You can’t guarantee “going viral.” But, if you continually put out great content that folks want to consume, that they want to engage with, you put yourself in the best possible position. 

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