Content Marketing: Value Above All Else 

Danny Star

Are you confused about how much you can “repeat yourself” in terms of content? Does it feel like it’s very difficult to come up with something new when your competitors are just writing the same thing over and over again? Content can be confusing, it can be tricky. Often, the most difficult part isn’t in creating content, but rather, in knowing what to create content about. Danny Star and the in-house content creation team have made so much content for a variety of clients in so many industries. 


When it comes to content, there’s one edict that stands above the rest. It’s easy to remember because it’s just one word: value. That’s it. If your content provides value, then it’s great. That doesn’t mean that you want it to be poorly written, unoptimized, or anything like that (indeed, the best content absolutely should be). Rather, if you have value in your content, the rest can follow after. The team thought about that again today when we read this article. 

Danny Star

“The Smell Test” 


In that article, one of Google’s higher-ups was asked about how much they could duplicate content without being penalized, etc. The article is fairly lengthy and you can learn a lot from it. However, you probably won’t learn anything you are previously unaware of. You know when a piece of content doesn’t pass “the smell test.” 


When we say “the smell test,” we do not mean, obviously, that you smell your computer/phone/tablet/mobile device, etc. Essentially what it means is: “trust your feelings.” You’ve read plenty of content online. You know the difference between something valuable vs. something that was clearly done as a shortcut, to try and game an algorithm. 


So, let that be your guide. When you create content, ask yourself, always “does this create value?” The answer will tell. 


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