Omnichannel Digital Marketing: Better Than Advertising Alone 

Danny Star

Has it felt recently like your business isn’t getting everything you would like out of your advertising? Does it seem like your competitors either keep creeping up on you or staying out of reach online? The truth could be that you’re focusing too much on “advertising,” and not enough on what digital marketing can really do. Danny Star talks to his clients as well as his team about this often, about how “omnichannel digital marketing” is better than just advertising. 


Recently, in a company meeting, Danny said: “advertising is a heavy word.” He’s right. Advertising can be a good thing, but if it’s the only way that you’re getting your brand out there, it probably won’t be enough, not to get the kind of growth that you want. Omnichannel digital marketing, on the other hand, can provide organic opportunities today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

Danny Star

Value and More 


In many ways, that’s a big part of what “advertising” lacks. It doesn’t provide value. If someone sees an advertisement of yours, what do they get out of it? Awareness of your product, goods, or services? Sure. But, what else do you provide to them? 


Really, that’s just one of the advantages of digital marketing (beyond its ability to reach more folks with pinpoint precision, of course). Digital marketing provides potential customers with real value. When they associate your brand with value, they’re all the more likely to want to do business with you. 


Case in point: Danny’s lawyer clients. He and his team work with them so that all of their content provides value. Videos, podcasts, blogs, landing pages, and more – anyone who consumes them will get real value from them. Whether it’s more information about the law, specific situations, and more, they’ll come away from that with something. They certainly will more so than they would from just a straight advertisement. 


However, you don’t need to be a lawyer to have digital marketing that provides value. Another example: Danny’s 420 clients. With them, their content provides the value of expert level opinion, which products are best for what kind of tastes and experience, as well as so much more. 


No matter what industry you’re in, digital marketing can provide value to your customers beyond just advertising. For a consultation with Danny Star to grow your business on TikTok or elsewhere, you can reach him at (213) 457-3250.