Advanced TikTok Marketing Targeting Tips 

Danny Star

Have you been looking to stand out from your competition online? Are you tired of dealing with Facebook and Instagram? Does it feel like the more you put into those platforms the less you get out of them? Those are just some of the reasons that more and more of our clients are opting for TikTok marketing. Danny Star has helped so many companies to get as much as possible out of marketing on TikTok. 


Now, it’s important to note that a strong majority of them are also marketing on other platforms too, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like. However, more and more are incorporating TikTok into their marketing. That way, they can reach more of their potential clients than ever before. That’s because their clients are on TikTok, of course, but also because TikTok is making it even easier to target the clients you want with greater precision. 


Indeed, as this article states, “marketers are migrating their direct-to-consumer strategies over to TikTok and LinkedIn and away from Facebook and Instagram.” That said, there’s one strategy that can help TikTok marketing of all companies and all levels. 

Danny Star

“TikTok Users Don’t Care for Ads” 


That’s a quote from this article and it makes a lot of sense. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re precluded from posting advertisements on TikTok, of course. But, it does mean that you want to make sure you’re always entertaining your clients. Anything that’s “salesy,” that doesn’t entertain and/or provide value, is something that you want to go back and think about. 


Indeed, as the article also says, “… use music and sounds and make it longer than ten seconds (ideally 21-34).” Sure, you can make a longer video on TikTok. Indeed, now you can go as high as ten minutes. But, “unless they are talk shows, keep them short.” Why? Because “they are more engaging.” 


Also, you’ll find that by condensing your videos down to 21 to 34 seconds, you’ll find that you can hone your message better, too. 


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