TikTok Marketing vs. Other Kinds of Marketing 

Danny Star

“We aren’t really sure if we should get into TikTok marketing. We already have other kinds of digital marketing. Is this really right for us?” That question, in many different forms, is one of the more common questions that Danny Star and the team get about TikTok marketing. It’s a valid one. For many, TikTok marketing may feel like a step too far. However, it can be a way to reach more of your prospective customers, if handled properly. 


TikTok has been, for so many, seen as a place for reaching younger consumers. However, that’s not as true as it used to be. Yes, a majority of the folks on TikTok are 30 and younger. But, it’s a slim majority. That means there’s many folks 30 and older who are on TikTok. So, it’s entirely possible that, should you make TikTok marketing work for you, it could help you to reach more folks than ever.

Danny Star


A Question of Resource Allocation 


Sometimes, Danny and the team are asked questions like “should we do Instagram or TikTok” and “TikTok or YouTube?” Usually, when we begin working with clients, we audit them, figuring out exactly where most of their potential customers/clients are. Then, we advocate for resource allocation along those lines. 


That’s why it rarely makes sense to think of “either-or” when it comes to TikTok marketing and other forms of marketing. Really, it’s a question of where you want to place your emphasis. Even if a majority of your prospective clients/customers aren’t on TikTok, it can still behoove you to get involved with TikTok marketing. Why? Because it can help you to reach customers you wouldn’t otherwise. 


So much of what a good digital marketing consultant and/or digital marketing company can do is show you how best to use the resources you have. That way, you can reach more of your customers no matter where they are. 


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