Instagram Unveils New Payment Method to Help Small Businesses 

Danny Star

Have you been looking for more ways for your small business to be successful on Instagram? Does it feel like you put so much into your Instagram (or other feeds) but you don’t quite have the results that you would like? While TikTok marketing (and the like) can be very potent, Danny Star and the team here always make sure that clients are well-represented across many different social media platforms. There are plenty of reasons for that. 


One of the more important reasons: those platforms want to have small business owners and marketers on them. They want to be able to facilitate sales, to help consumers as well as business owners. Case in point: Meta. They’ve recently unveiled a new way to buy products on Instagram, that should be a win-win for both sides of a business transaction. 

Danny Star

“Right in Chat” 


That, according to Meta, is where folks will be able to buy products on Instagram right now. Instead of having to click on a link and then go to another page, and then type in their info there, and a lengthy process like that, they’ll just be able to buy something in chat. Better still, customers will be able to do so much more than that. 


Indeed, in a chat with a small business, a customer (or potential customer) will be able to ask questions (as before) but also to purchase and even track the order from there. Meta didn’t just stop at empowering customers through this process. 


Additionally, businesses will be able to confirm the purchases, make a payment request, and even to collect payment, too. This can make it that much easier for small businesses to succeed. 


Plus, it’s all the more reason to respond to customers quickly, to be involved with your chat process, so that you can reap the rewards. 


To take advantage of this and more tech advancements, reach out to Danny Star for a consultation. You can do so at (213) 457-3250.