TikTok Marketing Success Has Only Grown 

Danny Star

Have you been thinking that it’s still not time to get involved with TikTok marketing? Does it seem like something that your company still doesn’t really need? Sure, there are some companies that won’t benefit from having marketing on TikTok be their main priority (or even a high priority). But, there are few companies that benefit from lacking any kind of presence on TikTok at all. Danny Star has helped so many to do exactly that. 


You may not be all that sure about what marketing on TikTok can do for your company, but one company is very well aware of the power of TikTok: Google. Recently, they’ve discovered just how potent TikTok has become, just how far it has grown. It behooves your company to have a marketing strategy for TikTok, so that you can find and connect to the potential customers that you may not be able to reach elsewhere. 

Danny Star

TikTok… for Search 


That may sound unlikely, but it’s true. If you’re like so many, you may think of TikTok just as a source of entertainment, or perhaps a source of marketing. However, it can serve as a kind of search engine for folks, too. For example, this article from Business Insider finds that: “Nearly Half of Gen Z is Using TikTok and Instagram for Search Instead of Google, According to Google’s Own Data.” 


Now, you might read that and think: “OK, but that’s still just Gen Z.” Today, it is. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re the only demographic doing so. Moreover, even if you don’t market to Gen Z today, you will eventually, as they inevitably age. Also, this information shows just how important it is to maintain other forms of online marketing as well (such as Instagram) to be able to continue to grow. 


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