TikTok Marketing Grows as TikTok Users Get Older 

Danny Star

Have you been wondering if it’s really worth it for your business to advertise on TikTok? Does it feel unnecessary, as your company doesn’t really have a strong following among “Gen Z?” Perhaps that may have been true in the past, but it’s not anymore. TikTok has become more popular than ever. Moreover, its popularity is continuing to grow, too. Danny Star and the team here have helped so many companies to find their customer base on TikTok and continue to grow. 


Since TikTok marketing began in earnest, we’ve been working with our clients to find more of their customers on TikTok. That said, now very well may be the best time to get into TikTok marketing. There’s still time to differentiate yourself from the competition, to grow and use TikTok to expand your business. But, now really is the time. AS these new stats show, you’ll want to get into marketing on TikTok pronto. 

Danny Star

Incredible Growth of TikTok Marketing Among Different Demographics


“TikTok is used by one-fifth of US adults.” So, one out of every five adults is using TikTok. That’s not something that we came up with at our digital marketing agency. That comes from Pew Research Institute, trusted pollsters. Now, if you read that, you may skeptically ask: “OK, but aren’t all of those twenty percent just young people, Generation Z?” Sure, many of them are. But, many of them aren’t. Moreover, that latter number is growing. 


Indeed, as that article goes on to say, “more than half of TikTok’s adult users are 35 or older.” So, there are plenty of TikTok users who aren’t in high school, college, or younger. Instead, they’re older people, those approaching middle aged. Moreover, they’re from all walks of life, too. That means, more of your customers are on TikTok. Can you reach them? 


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