The Importance of Stepping Away for a Bit 

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Everyone works hard. For as much as business owners may worry about employees “slacking off” or “dogging it,” the truth is that just about every employee works as hard as they can. Does that mean they don’t take breaks? No, but there are few active malingerers. However, to maintain that pace, it requires stepping back every now and then. That’s something to think about on a Memorial Day weekend. 


Taking a Break When Working Remotely 


When you work remotely, it can feel natural to never really stop working. Alternatively, many wake up, eat a meal, and then… kind of work throughout the day. What happens then is that six hours of work gets done in twelve. Yes, that kind of worker is “productive” but they certainly aren’t happy (nor are they, in many cases, healthy). It’s important to work hard, but it’s equally important to take breaks, to relax, and to give yourself a chance to recharge. 


As of this writing, it’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. On a typical day before a national holiday, everyone would be leaving early, taking it easy, and going off to wherever they planned to celebrate. This Friday, of course, isn’t like any of those. With the pandemic, more of us are staying home than ever. If you weren’t planning on giving your employees (or yourself) Monday off, consider doing so.


Time for Yourself 


Deadlines are one thing, but wearing down your employees isn’t going to help anyone. Yes, our employees can work Monday if they want, but they certainly don’t have to. We understand how important it is to give people time off, lest they become too drained to be as effective as they could be. As everyone is more stressed due to the pandemic, it’s important to take breaks when you can. 


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