Analytics: Know Where You’re Going By Knowing Where You’ve Been 

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If you’ve been exercising for any length of time, then you know you have to write down the workouts you do. How many reps, at how much weight, or how long you’ve run, and so forth. If you don’t, then you’re always just guessing. Sure, maybe you’re in a bit better shape than you were previously, but without having that information to draw from, you’ll never be in as good of shape as you could be. 


Your digital marketing works the same way. That’s why knowing your analytics is so important. 


Analytics: Objective Results 


One thing Danny stresses throughout his consultation, his book, and even just in conversation with his company, is how important these analytics can be. They’ll tell you what’s working as well as what isn’t. From there, you can make the necessary tweaks and improvements. 


What’s particularly great about Google Analytics is that they’re the truth. They don’t have an agenda. They aren’t wedding to an idea from the past, they aren’t trying to defend something that hasn’t been working, or anything of the sort. Instead, they tell you exactly what occurred, with no sugar-coating. 


Only by looking at that information can make the right decisions for the future of your company. 

An Experienced Voice 

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It’s perfectly natural to look at your analytics for the first time and think: “wow… This is a lot of information. I’m not sure exactly what it’s telling me.” Or, alternatively, you might read your analytics and have a bunch of different ideas about how to improve your marketing, but aren’t sure which one (or ones) are best. 


That’s just one more area where consulting with Danny can help. Drawing upon his years and years of experience, you can find a way for your business to harness those analytics to get your best ROI. 


To schedule a consultation with him at reduced COVID-19 pricing: (213) 457-3250. 

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