Maximizing New Marketing Tools 


Are you looking for new ways to connect to your potential customers, but aren’t sure the right way to go about it? Have you checked out all of the many ways to get your company out there, but just don’t know how to harness them best? That’s one more area that Danny can help with. In his remote marketing consulting sessions in Los Angeles, Danny has helped so many to get the most out of their marketing. 


A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way… 


Facebook Live. Podcasting. Tik Tok. There are more ways to get your company out there than ever existed previously. However tempting it might be to just get on your phone and start talking, you want to be careful. Doing it too haphazardly could potentially put off some people that might be interested in your company. 


Of course, that’s not just true for performance-based outreach, such as videos and podcasts. The same goes for your online marketing, your SEO, and so forth. Being aggressive can be a good thing, but being too aggressive without the proper preparation is not. Often, Danny discusses what it takes to properly take advantage of all of the tools now available to you. 


… But You May Not Want to Be Too Prepared 


That said, writing a script for a podcast, for example, and then sticking to it usually isn’t the way to go, either. You always want to put a “human” face on your company, too, so that folks can connect you to better. That’s true during a pandemic and it will certainly be true after, as well. 

The same goes for other forms of marketing. Preparation is good. Too much can lead to mistakes or inaction.

These are all just some of the topics that you can touch on with Danny. He can help you to find the best way for your company to succeed today and tomorrow. To schedule a session with him at reduced COVID pricing: (213) 457-3250. 

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