The Transition from “Difficult Times” to Helpfulness in Marketing 


When the pandemic began, so many companies had an ad which said something to the effect of: “these are difficult times.” “These are challenging times,” “these are uncertain times,” and so forth – they said some version of the times we’re in, they sure are bad. This showed empathy, it connected to consumers where they were, and gave voice to the fears that we all shared. 


This is still important. It continues to be a good thing for your digital marketing to put this out. 


However, it has also been a few months now. In many places, the lockdowns continue, in others, they return, and yet others are opening up again a bit. As the situation in your industry and community changes, you want to be able to keep up with it. One way to do so through your marketing: emphasizing your helpfulness. 


An Effective Helpfulness Tactic: Show What You’re Doing, Encourage Your Customers 


Many food delivery services during this time have cut rates on delivering foods from local businesses. Plenty of others have sold masks, or shown how to make your own masks, etc. These might seem like small gestures, but look at how they work on multiple levels. 


The first level is that they show how the company is being helpful. The food delivery service is helpful, as they’re supporting small businesses. The second level here is encouraging their customers to be helpful. 


As they make it easier for you, the customers to be involved, you have real agency. You’re contributing, too. Then, you associate the good feeling you get from being helpful with the company that made it easier. 


Incorporating Helpfulness Into Your Marketing 


It’s entirely possible that you don’t run a food delivery business. However, there is probably a way for your industry to be more helpful, to do something that helps the community and encourages your customers to do the same. 


That’s one more thing that can come up during a digital marketing consultation with Danny Star. You can schedule one of those (at reduced pricing) at (213) 457-3250. 

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