What to Do When Things Go Against Your Business 


In these blogs, we tend to talk quite a bit about “not giving up.” 

“Doing right by your staff and your customers,” “there’s always something you can do,” and so forth – those are good virtues to run your business by whether there’s a pandemic on or not. 

However, we also like to take the opportunity, when we can, to show you how folks have done exactly that. 

One article that came across our transom this morning was about the Galleria Dallas. A North Dallas shopping center, this is exactly the kind of place that was hit especially hard by the pandemic. 

As the article states, “U.S. retail traffic is stuck at around 35% to 40% below what it was a year ago.” 

That’s a challenge the people doing the digital marketing (and, indeed, all kinds of marketing) had to meet. 

But, they did have one advantage, as the article goes on to state: “… there’s also an appetite for connecting.” 



How They Did It 


The “first task” was to “give the Galleria’s website a badly needed redesign.” 

Often, web design is the first place to go for improvements. 

So much else can flow from there. 

Their next step was to start booking “free virtual events ranging from live Q and A sessions.” 

Additionally, they mixed “virtual events with exhibits to accommodate people who want to stay remote and those who want to come into the mall.” 

Beyond question and answer sessions, there were also events like “a tour of John Hardy’s jewelry workshop in Bali that featured pieces sold at Bachendorf’s. Shoppers could watch artisans make hand-woven chains one link at a time.” 

You might think: “That’s great, but we don’t make chains or that kind of thing. How does this pertain to my business?” 

The key is in the middle of the article. 

“The mall and individual stores have collected thousands of email addresses over the years… (the) Galleria is harnessing those contacts to send out invitations and using social media to get the word out.” 



What You Can Take From It 


You can use what you’ve built over time to grow your customer base even during this era. 

It may seem difficult, but it is possible. 

After all, as the article states, “early virtual events attracted a couple dozen RSVPs, but more recently that has increased to 100 guests.” 

Sure, you might not be able to show how an artisan on the other side of the world makes a chain one link at a time. 

But, we’re willing to bet that there’s something you could show your potential customers about how you do your business. 

Whether making pizzas, disinfecting homes, delivering products, constructing a building, or anything else, you can show potential customers and clients how you do what it is that you do. 

Getting that out there can make all the difference in the world. 

Indeed, as the article concludes, there are still plans for “a major redevelopment at the mall.” 

If a mall can grow in a pandemic, so too can your business. 

For help with doing exactly that, reach out to Danny at (213) 457-3250. That way, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session. 

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