Client of the Week: IT Gurus 




What They Do: 


They provide the absolute highest quality IT services, hardware, and software sales. IT Gurus help businesses to do that much better with technology. They have assisted so many small and mid-sized businesses with their design, installation services, and remote IT management. IT Gurus is able to do that because they have an individually tailored IT support solution that will fit essentially any budget. 


That said, they can do so much more than just your IT work. “IT” isn’t about fixing things when there’s an emergency (although IT Gurus can certainly do that) but rather, it’s about aligning your IT department with your business. They can do that through their IT Strategy Planning. 


Virtualization, Cloud Services, Managed Compliance, and Managed IT Services – it might actually be easier simply to list all of the services that the IT Gurus don’t offer. All of this is backed by their 25-plus years of experience. 


What We’ve Done For Them: 


IT Gurus are yet another of our clients who are there to help people in a pinch. At Website Depot, we do our part to enable small and mid-size businesses to grow. IT Gurus does the same and then some. During this pandemic (and really any other time) the IT Gurus have assisted so many companies with their IT and more. 


In the last thirty days (as of this writing) their web traffic has increased by more than 150%. By that same token, they’re now on the very first page of Google for some of their most important keywords, namely the ones that involve “IT support services” in the Los Angeles area. As you might imagine, those are highly competitive keywords. 


By helping the IT Gurus to get to that position, we’re enabling them to be able to help more people. It’s a great cycle that keeps moving forward. 


You don’t need to have a top-notch IT company to be able to grow at this same rate. Danny can discuss this, digital marketing, or anything else during a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with him at (213) 457-3250. 

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