Telling the Story of Your Business 


You show potential customers what your company does. 

You demonstrate what it offers, how it can help solve someone’s problems. 

Have you told your company’s story? 

Or, alternatively, a story that’s similar to the one you want to tell about your company? 

We thought about that after reading this article. Telling the story (or a story) about a company can be an effective form of marketing and branding. 



An Inspiring Story 


In the article, they use Coca-Cola as an example. As you may know, it didn’t start as a “soft drink.” Instead, it was used medicinally, to improve people’s health. (As you might imagine, this was a long, long time ago). 

Even though Coca-Cola has come a long way from that, they can still claim that story. They use it in marketing often. 

You might think: “OK, but my product has never been used to help improve someone’s indigestion. How can I use this storytelling?” 

Well, you don’t have to tell the exact story of your company. 

You can use an adjacent story. 

You see this kind of thing all the time during the Olympics. Inspirational stories of athletes who came from difficult backgrounds, only to rise to the top. 

You can tell that kind of story about your company. 

In fact, one way that companies of all kinds are doing that exact thing right now is through the pandemic. Highlighting employees who have fought through challenging circumstances, who are putting themselves on the line, so to speak, to help customers, can be an inspirational story that so many connect to. 



Someone to “Root For” 


These stories, whether you’re highlighting your company or someone else, needs someone we can “root for.” That can be your company, due to your core values. Or, alternatively, it can be a person and their story. 

When constructing your content, make sure that we’re always “on the side” of whose story you’re telling. 

For help with this or anything else, you can reach out to Danny Star. He’s always glad to schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session at (213) 457-3250. 


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