Power of Digital Marketing: More than a Fantasy 


Happy New Year from Danny Star and the team here. 

On our first day back at remote work, after the requisite gallons/tons of caffeine, we searched for what’s new and big in digital marketing. 

We came across this article about how “Current Digital Marketing is Sports-Watching, Rather Than Marketing.” 

It got us thinking, with the NFL playoffs coming this weekend, the ways that online marketing are similar to sports. 



Slow and Methodical, Followed by Some Big Plays 


One football analogy that absolutely fits online marketing: a football team’s offense. 

It’s exciting when your team hits a big touchdown pass. 

The quarterback drops back and throws it all the way down to the field to an open receiver, scoring a touchdown. 

Often, when Danny and the team meet with new or prospective clients, that’s kind of what they want to do. 

They want to throw deep. Every play. They want to keep throwing it downfield as far as possible, so to speak, to score plenty of touchdowns. 

That may seem like a good idea. But, just as in football, it won’t work in digital marketing. 

In football, a team that only throws deep is going to fail often. They open themselves up to interceptions, mistakes, and the other team catching on to what they want to do. It can lead to short drives and many punts, which can tire their own defense out. 

Mixing the deep pass with an effective running game, one that gets three or four yards on just about every run, is a great way to succeed. Then, when you do want to throw the deep pass, the safeties will be up towards the line of scrimmage and there’s a better chance it’s open for you. 

The same applies to digital marketing. 

While there are no running backs on Danny’s team, methodical, gradual success of keywords and SEO can grow your company’s reach over them. 

Then, when the time is right, you can “throw that deep pass” – spending the big money on an ad campaign, something that can really make your company stand out. 

To start this year off right, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny at (213) 457-3250. 


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