The “Magic” In Your Business 


“What’s the best phrase to put in this post?” 

“I can’t figure out what’s the right color to use in this picture. What sells best?” 

Everyone’s looking for an advantage in business. 

Keywords are, in a very real way, “magic” words. They’re “magic” in that they can make good, positive things happen for your company just by their use. “Abracadabra,” for example, has nothing on “pizza delivery near me.” 

But, it’s important to not get too wrapped up in this. 

Often, when Danny Star and the team sit down with a client for the first time (or when someone’s a prospective client) we get some questions similar to the top. They’re looking for some kind of shortcut, some kind of easier way, some sort of, well, magic. 

There are things to keep in mind, tips and advice you can use. But, the main thing to remember is being authentic to your company’s core values. 



When in Doubt 


The team came across this article today. 

In there is a lot of good advice. 

You can certainly use the thoughts on words and colors to help with your marketing. 

That said, the last thing we would want is for that article to cause you any amount of anxiety. Like, if your retrofitting and construction company has always used the color purple, for example, don’t feel that must change it because it’s thought of as “soothing and calm.” 

Being true to your values and your customers is always going to do more than any color or word. 

For example, if you look through the part of that article about “magic words,” you’ll find good advice. But, we recommend you combine it with your knowledge of your customers, who they are, what they want, and what they value. If you have that in mind, if you really center it, then you can use any colors and words you want. 

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