Going to Hold an Event to Market Your Company? Keep This in Mind 


So many “ways to grow your business in 2021” articles give similar advice. “Build your eCommerce site,” “do more digitally,” and “start podcasting” are mainstays. Another big one: “hold an event.” 

As the pandemic still rages, these events are almost always digital and online. 

Danny Star and the team have held a few of these now. One important piece of advice that many of these articles leave out: make it feel like an actual event. 



An Event That’s Truly an Event 


The dictionary definition of “event” is ‘something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, especially one of some importance.” So, if you’re going to hold an event, make sure that it’s something that, well, is “of some importance.” 

This means really advertising it. It means dressing up, preparing ahead of time, and not treating it like just another Zoom meeting. 

We thought of that while reading this particular article. You’ll see that there are multiple kinds of events, but each truly feels like something noteworthy, different, and above all, important. That’s even true of the fun “Global Oreo Vault.” 

One of our favorite kinds of “events” is something that, while it might not have a specific day and time, is something that people at home can incorporate into their lives. 

To return to the linked article, IKEA’s “Gingerbread Home” kit is such an event. 



Don’t Skimp On the Tech Aspect of a Virtual Event


If you are going to do a virtual event, don’t just ignore the tech aspect. 

Many of us have watched a stand up comedy show on Zoom. Even the best, most talented comedian won’t seem funny if their video isn’t highlighted, or people talking to their friends and family aren’t muted. 

The same is true of your event. 

Whether you’re doing a lecture, a seminar, or anything else, make sure you have someone who can properly utilize whichever platform you’re on. It’s worth paying for. 

For more that’s worth paying for, you can reach out to Danny Star for a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session. They’re available for reduced rates at (213) 457-3250. 

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