What We Can Learn From Marketing Rental Properties 


The property rental industry had as rocky a 2020 as any other. 

However, like so many others, it’s bouncing back. 

Indeed, one of the members of Danny Star’s team is currently at an Airbnb right now. 

Even if your industry has nothing to do with renting, there’s plenty you can learn from their marketing. 

This is a great article about how to market properties online. The advice therein can help your company, too. 



Be Precise in Your Language 


You have a very clear idea of who your potential customers are. 

However, you want to be careful in exactly how you engage them. 

An example the article uses: “our properties offer great throwback designs to a simpler time.” Maybe some of your customers aren’t looking for a “simpler time,” or something similar. You can see how this would apply to rental properties, but hopefully, you can also see how it would apply to your business. 

A way around it: instead of “talking down” something else, talk up what you offer. Remove “to a simpler time” with “the best of an earlier era,” “a prime example of a classic,” “foundation for modern style,” and so forth. None of that makes a value judgment. 


Straightforward, Not Evasive 


The phrase “weasel words” comes from those words that hide something the writer would prefer the reader not think about. 

A great example from the article involves the words “cozy,” “charming,” and “clean.” Each of those positive adjectives, particularly for rental properties. However, just reading them in that context shows their limitations. 

When you read “cozy,” your mind sees “small.” “Charming” too often can mean, as the writer says, “like you’re covering something up.” The same can also be said for “clean,” as it implies that it was dirty or often is. 

Those are specific negative implications to the rental property industry. There are, no doubt, many of those specific to your industry as well. You want to avoid them whenever possible. Instead, say exactly what you mean/what you want the prospective customer to know. 

If you can’t think of exactly what those words are, look at your competition. Watch one of their ads or look at their content. 

It’s likely (at least if you’re like us) you’ll be able to clearly see what they “aren’t” telling you through that. 

For more help with this or anything else that can help your business grow, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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