Standing Out in a Crowd: The True Power of Customization 


Another Monday, another Zoom meeting. 

Videoconferencing is powerful and effective. It connects the team, helps with collaboration, and really makes a virtual workforce a workforce. 

But, sometimes, in its own way, it can be a bit lonely, too. 

Danny Star and the team came across a line today that really stood out to us. 

In this article about 2021 marketing trends, there was a genuinely striking question. 

“Think targeted videos, virtual relationship building and even more of those Zoom meetings we’ve come to accept – if not embrace. As such, ask yourself ‘What am I doing to make my buyer feel like they’re the only one in the room?” 

Now, that’s said in the context of a marketer speaking to a potential buyer. However, that line could fit just about any potential customer or client for your business, too. 



“We Want to Feel Unique” 


As helpful as these Zoom meetings can be, they can be kinda impersonal, too. If you want to speak to someone individually, you have to send them a direct message. Or set up a private room. Or, alternatively, say their name out loud and then talk to them (while everyone else in the meeting can hear). 

Each of those can be effective, but they make it difficult to single out a customer or even customer type. 

If you’re holding a virtual event, you want to make sure that each guest feels that they’re special. Or, alternatively, that they’re being treated in a special, unique fashion. That’s also true on a sales call, that’s true in a social media video, and everything else. 

As the digital age rolls on, “customization” is going to become more and more important. But, “customization” isn’t just about providing options, it’s about providing a unique, special feeling. 

The companies that can do that, in just about any industry, are going to stand out. 

For more help with this or anything else related to growing your business online, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny at (213) 457-3250. 


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