Data Analytics are What You Make Them 

Danny Star

Data analytics can be a powerful tool. 

However, they’re just that: a tool. 

A tool, by itself, can’t help you. 

Any tool, even the best, most effective tool, can’t do the work for you. 

You need to be able to utilize the tool properly, to use it for your ends. 

Or, alternatively, you need to get someone on your side who knows how to use the tool on your behalf. 

Danny Star and the team reflected on that today as we read this article. 



“The Influence Expected” 


The key takeaway we had from this article was the opening line. “Many marketers are disappointed with the results of their data analytics. According to the Gartner Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2020, 54% of senior level marketers believe marketing analytics hasn’t had the influence expected.” 

Later on in the article, another concern is touched upon. “(Marketing analytics data) poses significant problems for marketers: the amount of data can be overwhelming, while any inaccurate or non-personalized content can destroy a relationship with a customer.” 

This isn’t a problem with the data analytics. The analytics are fine. 

It’s that they’re being misread and/or misinterpreted. 

Or, alternatively, their findings are being misapplied. 

So much of what Danny Star and the team do here is to help clients as well as prospective clients to be able to see what the data actually means. Having the best data analytics in the world won’t do any good if you draw the wrong conclusions from it.

Even the most comprehensive data analytics provide only potential options, possible paths forward. It’s up to business owners (and, by extension, the full-service digital marketing professionals that work alongside them) to figure out exactly how best to use the data. 

For help with this or just about anything else related to growing your business, Danny currently is scheduling consultations. You can schedule a remote marking consulting in Los Angeles session with him at (213) 457-3250. 

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