The Ways A.I. Can Help Even a Brick-and-Mortar, Mom-and-Pop Store 


When you hear “A.I.,” what do you think of? 

For many, it’s something from Hollywood. 

Sentient cyborgs, synthetic humans, a futuristic land of technological advancement, people downloading their consciousness into a hard drive – that kind of thing that we’ve seen countless times. 

However, as time advances, A.I. can become more and more a part of just about any business. In fact, it can even help small retail businesses, the kind of “mom and pop” stores that seem like they would be the last places to ever benefit from it. 

Danny Star and the team thought of that today when we read this article. 



The Advanced Technotopia of… Coupons


When you hear the word “cutting coupons,” what do you think of? 

Unlike with “A.I.,” with this word, people tend to think of examples from their own lives. Specifically, older people. So many of us on Danny Star’s team, for example, remember our parents or even grandparents cutting coupons out of a Sunday paper or maybe from a coupon book a local store sent to us. Perhaps they picked up a flyer and got their coupons out of that. Coupons can be a really good deal for both customers and stores. 

That said, they can lead to a lot of waste, too. 

After all, at most, a person would get a few coupons for some products out of an entire flyer. That’s a lot of paper, to say nothing of the design, the print, how much it cost to put it all together, distribute it, and so forth. 

That’s where, for many stores, A.I. comes in. 

Instead of having to print up an entire flyer (or place ads in a paper) that a person might miss, the A.I. can offer individualized coupons. 

These coupons would be for specific products, goods, or services that the customers were interested in. Sure, there can be coupons for other products that the store is looking to move, too. But, instead of going with a “scattershot” approach, A.I. makes for something more targeted. 

Indeed, that’s the kind of thing that Danny helps businesses with so much: to better target their efforts. For more help with this or anything else related to growing your business, you can schedule a marketing in Los Angeles consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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