Key to Growing Your Business Online: Always Something You Can Do 


“I just don’t know what to do.” 

“When it comes to growing my business online, I feel kinda powerless.” 

Those are complaints that we hear from some prospective clients. 

It makes sense. 

When you post something online and no one responds, or you try something new with your online marketing and it comes up short, it’s natural to not want to try to do something else. 

However, that can end up causing far more problems. 

As Danny Star often tells the team, “there’s always something you can do.” 

Recent events have shown how important that is. 



A Lesson from Google My Business 


From talking to businesses, we’ve found that some noticed a drop in their Google organic rankings. Or, alternatively, they found that they weren’t showing up on Google Maps. 

They had been there just the other day, but, all of a sudden, things fell off here.

Danny Star, as a Google Certified Partner, quickly pieced together the problem. 

Google My Business. 

Specifically, these business owners hadn’t updated their Google My Business in some time. 

If you’re worried about this, there are steps you can take right now. For example, you can log into your Google My Business, confirm that your business is open, and much more. 

Make certain that it knows your facilities are operational, you’re taking appointments, and so forth. Big thing: tell it your COVID-19 procedures and policies. Mask requirements, temperature checks, all of it – when you click “Save,” Google will know. 

Moreover, Google will tell everyone who’s looking at your company. 

Google wants to be able to offer the best to its users. 

So, it tends to devalue companies that don’t update their Google My Business often. Google doesn’t know that you’ve maybe forgotten about your Google My Business or ignored it, etc. They just think that you might have ceased operation. 

The larger lesson here: by doing something, whether it’s with Google My Business or anything else, you can take a positive step forward to growing your business. Every little bit counts. For more help with this or anything else, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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