Perseverance is a Virtue in Marketing 


We don’t have to tell you that last year was hard. 

It was hard for everyone. Perhaps more so than we realized, it was especially hard on marketers. 

One of our favorite things that Danny Star said to the Contribution Team early on in the pandemic, (which we wrote about here) was how “if you’re going to go out of business, do it now. Do it quickly. Do it at the beginning of the pandemic.” 

The idea was that then the just-let-go employees could go find new jobs, new ways of making money. To hold them on while cutting hours, pay, benefits, and more, would ultimately hurt them. 

Danny also spoke often about how the best thing for many businesses to do was to conserve their resources as best they could. Do what we did at Website Depot: operate so that the business can break even, but don’t worry about a profit right now. 

Then, when the time is right, strike. 

These actions as well as these words helped quite a bit, both at the beginning out of the pandemic as well as throughout its duration. 

They seem especially important today, in light of a recent study. 



The Pandemic Was Especially Rough on Digital Marketers 


According to a study from “Sitecore,” 59% of U.S. digital marketers “wanted to quit their jobs at least once in the past year, and 79% found the pandemic to be the most challenging time in the history of their careers.” 

If you’re in marketing, whether it’s for yourself or someone else, it’s perfectly natural to accept just how difficult the last year has been. As hard as it was, there have been some positive actions. 

For example, “77% of U.S. marketers surveyed saying they saw greater innovation and were able to build advanced tech stack this year more quickly than in the last three.” 

If you hung in there, if you didn’t give up, if you kept moving, that in and of itself is an incredible accomplishment. The kind that, frankly, should be a massive boon in the years (and even days) ahead. 

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