Podcast Marketing: Here to Stay 


Every day, we look for the most up to date, breaking news about online marketing. 

Often, all of us at the Danny Star Contribution Team find articles that educate us, challenge us, and show us something new. 

Today is not one of those days. 

Instead, we found and are sharing this great article that we strongly agree with. 

It goes into a few reasons why a podcast should be part of your content marketing strategy. The article is very much worth your time. We wanted to expand a bit on it. 



Easier to Start Than You Might Think 


“Starting a podcast” does not mean that you have to suddenly build an entire sound studio in your place of business. 

You already have a phone. You can find a microphone online for less than fifty bucks. Zoom (or similar platforms) are free (although paying for them can help a bit). 

That’s it. 

That’s all you need.

The “guests” can be just about anyone. Your employees, your clients, some of your best customers, other people in your industry, interesting people outside of your industry – you name it. All of those can provide a different kind of value. 

As the article states, all of that can be broken down into many different forms of content, each with their own benefits. 


You Don’t Need the Best Voice (and May Not Even Want It) 


Have you held off on podcasting because you worry about your voice? 


Even if your voice doesn’t sound like you’ve been a Broadway star for years, you’ll be fine on a podcast. 

Truthfully, some of the best, most interesting and authentic voices are those that are non-traditional, that sound unique. Even if you think your voice isn’t all that great, it’s fine. What’s most important: the words. What you’re saying. You’re an expert at what you do, a true professional. As long as that passion and know-how comes out in what you’re saying, it will connect to your listeners. 

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