The Most Effective Kind of Content Marketing 


“I hear you say that content marketing is important, but is it really that important? It just seems like a lot of work and I’m not sure there’s going to be that much payoff for us.” 

That sure is something that Danny Star and the team here have heard from clients and prospective clients many times. 

Content marketing is a lot of work. Whether you’re doing blogs, videos, both and more, content marketing is work. But, it’s also worth it. Specifically, it’s worth it if it’s done right. 

Sometimes, when your work doesn’t get shared/read a lot immediately, it can feel like it’s not worth it. All that time you spent putting together great content that didn’t immediately give you a big boost can feel wasted. 

(Those are just some of the reasons that Danny has a content team that can handle this for his clients.) 

But, content marketing can always pay off in the end. 



The Power of Education 


Often, when a client struggles with their content, it’s not that they’re struggling with the content itself. 

Rather, they’re struggling with the purpose of the content. 

The best content marketing doesn’t seek to sell. 

Instead, it seeks to educate. To inform. 

Then, in turn, as that’s done well, it sells. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. 

Recently, a study found something incredible. 

“The results were staggering: in a study of 1000 consumers, people were 131% more likely to buy from brands that educated them with content.” 

You’ll note that it didn’t say “for restaurants” or “personal injury lawyers” or “rehab treatment centers” or anything like that. It didn’t specify one industry or even a handful. No, it just polled consumers in general. 

That’s the kind of impact that well-done content marketing can have. 

For more help with this or anything else related to growing your business, you can schedule a remote consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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