A Little “Value” Goes a Long Way 


“Does this piece of content have enough ‘value’ to be published?” 

“If this has too little ‘value’ in it, is anyone going to want to read or watch it?” 

At this point, you probably know that every single piece of content you put out has to have some kind of “value” for the customer (beyond just selling them something). 

It could make them aware of a deal, a new product/service, let them know that they still have something in your digital shopping cart, it could be a how-to guide, and so forth. Those are just some ideas. 

That said, Danny Star and the team here often get questions from clients who are worried that something they’re doing doesn’t have “enough” value. 

It’s easy to overthink it, to get into a headspace where you don’t want to send an email to your mailing list unless it could potentially change someone’s life. 

That said, you need to make sure you’re offering some value, no matter how small. 



An Example 


In our daily reading of marketing news, the Danny Star team came across this article. 

At first glance, there’s not a lot here. 

It’s essentially a rundown of all of the (usually artificial) designations of August (as well as of days in August). 

So, you can see how it’s “National Sandwich Month” and “Brownies at Brunch Month” as well as how 8/7 is “National Mustard Day” and the 16th is “National Rum Day.” 

But, as a piece of content, it does have some value. 

Again, we’re not saying that you would want to write something like this and put all of your marketing budget into promoting it, but it does educate. 

None of us on the team, for example, knew all of these. 

If you’re a reader of this publication (presumably, someone in the restaurant industry) then this little article could do a lot of good. 

Maybe you could make a social media post on some of these days, the ones that correspond to your business. Have a flash sale for a day or two. You could even stretch it. Say that your restaurant doesn’t sell pecan tortes, even on 8/22 “National Pecan Torte Day.” But, you could give away pecans to customers that come in, or when they’re leaving, that kind of thing. 

That’s how a piece of content can provide value even if it seems like there’s not much there at all. Even with a little bit of value, you can provide something that lasts for your readers, customers, investors, and more. 

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