What SEO Can and Can’t Do 


“Is this SEO thing really gonna work?” 

Danny Star and the team have faced that question time and time again. 

The answer is, of course, yes. 

SEO can work. If you have a good strategy and stick to it, it absolutely can work. 

However, it has to be the right strategy for your business. Moreover, it’s probably not going to work overnight, not if it’s done properly. 

We reflected on that after reading this, frankly, provocative article where Google Search Advocate John Mueller said: “Sometimes There’s No SEO Solution.” 

It’s important to look at exactly what he’s saying here so that your company can avoid such a fate. 



SEO Can’t Change What You’re Selling 


That’s the essential takeaway of what John says. 

Basically, someone asked him: “If I hire an SEO expert service, would they be able to find out what’s wrong with my website and help me improve it?” 

Mr. Mueller responded with: “one of the things to keep in mind is that it’s possible that there’s just no SEO solution… sometimes it’s not a technical issue, sometimes it’s not something you can fix by just ‘buying a bunch of links’… 

Now, you might read that and think: “a-ha! So, SEO won’t help my company! I knew it!” 


Because, Mr. Mueller goes on to say the key point: “You can have a fantastic website, make it super-fast, have ‘high authority & trustworthiness’ (however you want to define that), but if you’re selling VHS cassettes, you’re going to have a bad time.” 

SEO can’t save a product or service that no one wants. 

SEO, like web design, like everything else that Danny and the team utilize, is a tool. The best shovel won’t help you dig for gold should there be no gold in the ground. 

Danny and the team can make your business, any business to do that much better online. But, it can do better the better your business is.

To make sure that your business is ready for everything that’s ahead, you can schedule a marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250.


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