Success You Can Touch: Why Direct Mail Marketing Always Survives 

Danny Star

“Why wouldn’t I put all of my marketing online? Do you really think we need to invest in other kinds of marketing?” 

One thing that Danny Star is very clear about in his book, his workshops, and more, is that no form of marketing ever “dies.” Some become more useful than others, but nothing ever really goes away. 

A recent article, “4 Trends Impacting Retail Marketing Strategies” really drives this home. 

During the onset of the pandemic, Danny recommended that businesses invest even more in digital marketing. This made sense. After all, fewer folks were going to see billboards and other forms of traditional advertising as they were spending more time inside. 

That said, now may very well be the time to expand beyond just digital marketing for your business. There are multiple reasons for this, as that article shows. 

Danny Star


Lessons from Retail 


Many companies were turning away from direct mail marketing even before the pandemic. After all, as the quotes in the article say, with direct marketing, “you just can’t track what actually drove sales.” 

That said, as digital marketing rose in prominence, “major players started to move away from print.” Thus, “it became less occupied, and (direct mail marketing) started to become a more appetizing option for retailers to pursue in order to stand out.” 

Another one of the biggest selling points of direct mail marketing is companies “ looking to diversify their marketing mix.” After all, “Nobody wants to be completely dependent upon Google and Facebook.” 

Now, the numbers quoted here might be different in your area, but the thrust of the following quote is the same. “… you can mail a full-sized catalog for 65 cents including postage. The average cost-per-click for DTC brands and retailers is between $2 to $4.” 

That said, no one here is suggesting that you quit all of your online marketing so that you can go all-in on direct mail marketing. What we are saying is that “full-service marketing” doesn’t have to be “fully-online.” There are many ways to grow your company and not all of them include SEO. 

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