Client of the Week: Dr. Yvonne Thomas 

Danny Star

What Dr. Thomas Does 


Simply put, Dr. Thomas has been healing the mind, body, and spirit for more than twenty years. She offers individual counseling, couples therapy/marriage counseling, loss/grief counseling, life transition therapy, and teletherapy. 

In our modern day, hectic lifestyle, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and depression. 

“Life Transition Therapy” covers any particular big shift in a person’s life. It could be an illness, but it could also be losing a job, moving to a new home, or really, any significant change in the status quo. Dr. Thomas helps her clients to deal with these changes in a healthy, positive way. 

In terms of loss/grief counseling, it’s important to note that “loss” can have multiple meanings. It could be the loss of a loved one, yes, but it could also be a divorce, a break-up, or some other kind of conflict. 

Dr. Thomas has a proven track record of helping folks to both understand and navigate what they’re going through. 

She offers free consultations. They can be booked online or by calling her at (310) 359-9450. 

Danny Star

How Danny Star and the Team Help 


Dr. Thomas’ track record speaks for itself. 

The goal of Danny Star and the team, then, is just to make sure that more people are aware of what Dr. Thomas can do for them. 

To that end, we’ve helped her to climb the SEO rankings for the keywords that matter to her practice. 

Specifically, she’s now in the second Google position for the highly competitive keyword “individual counseling Los Angeles CA” and on the first page of Google for 18 more keywords. Many of those have climbed double digits recently. 

To achieve similar success for your company, schedule a consultation with Danny Star. You can reach him at (213) 457-3250. 

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