Client of the Day: Trauma and Beyond Center 



Who They Are: 


The Center provides intensive outpatient, partial/day treatment as well as individualized outpatient programs for trauma, mental health, and coexisting disorders. Founded on the idea that psychological trauma is at the root of many psychological and emotional disturbances, they not only address symptom reduction but work to facilitate growth-promoting healing. 


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What We Do for Them: 


It’s our job to get SEO and digital marketing clients to the top of their keyword rankings, in part. Once we’ve done that, though, our job is not done. Sure, it’s great when that happens, but if it only occurs for a brief period of time before the client falls again, it doesn’t really help much. That’s why, once we’ve helped a client to ascend to the top of the rankings, our job becomes making sure that they stay there. 


A great example of this is the Trauma and Beyond Center. With our help, they got to the top of the rankings and have stayed there with “psychological trauma center Los Angeles,” “trauma Los Angeles,” “childhood trauma Los Angeles,” “psychological trauma Los Angeles” and many others. As of this writing, they are in the top Google position on the top Google page for eleven keywords. 


That can improve their business, yes, but it can also improve peoples’ lives. The Trauma and Beyond Center can help all kinds of people, including those that found they can’t be helped by other facilities and treatments. It’s always rewarding to see clients reach the top – and that’s especially true with a client like the Trauma and Beyond Center. 


Once the pandemic began, we got right to work designing pages and content around the idea that their services will be available online as well. To schedule a  session with Danny remotely, call (213) 452-3257. 


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