Client of the Day: AC Repair Burbank 


What They Do: 


As of this writing, it’s just about to become summer. Summer in the Burbank/Southern California is hot. It’s as hot as anywhere in the country. Going through it without properly functioning air conditioning is somewhere between “very uncomfortable” and “literally impossible.” That’s where AC Repair Burbank comes in. 


As the name implies, they can repair air conditioning units and more around the Burbank area. If there’s something wrong with your air conditioning, they can fix it. Beyond that, they also offer routine maintenance as well. That way, people can get their air conditioning fixed before it becomes a larger problem. 


While the name for this site is “AC Repair Burbank,” they actually offer far more services than just that. They also can help with heating, too, as it can get shockingly chilly in the Burbank winter. Really, they can help with HVAC units in general. 


What We Do For Them: 


One of the best things about digital marketing, as Danny’s said many times, is being able to help companies that will help other people. That’s true of our attorney clients, that’s true of our rehab facility ones, and it’s certainly true of AC Repair Burbank. 


Working with businesses like this is a real honor because they provide real, actionable services that improve people’s lives. It’s hard to get through a spring day in Burbank and the surrounding area without AC, it’s that much more difficult in the summer. 


We’ve helped them to get in front of that many more potential customers. For example, as of this writing, we helped them to get hundreds of more calls just through our online sources. Those aren’t “clicks,” those are actual phone calls coming from actual people who need actual help with their air conditioning. 


To learn more about how Danny and the team did it (and what they can do for you) don’t hesitate to reach out to Danny at (213) 457-3250. He’s currently offering reduced COVID-19 prices on marketing consultations. 

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