Client of the Day: Just Right Painting 

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What They Do: 

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They are excellent residential and commercial painting contractors. Interiors and exteriors, homes, apartments, small businesses, big companies, and everything in between: they handle it all. 


In fact, they also do the painting for any number of HOA (Home Owners’ Association) and construction sites, too. What sets this group apart from so many others is that they understand the complexities that are inherent in this kind of work. 


Painting isn’t just about putting up the right color or something. Sure, Just Right Painting can do that, but they also use the finest materials, having all of the proper licenses, bonding, insurance, and more. They work with their clients to make sure that they have the right painting to fit their needs. 


What We’ve Done for Them: 


Beyond helping companies that help other people, one of the other great benefits of digital marketing is working with people who are really good at their jobs. 


Just Right Painting is incredible. Their painting jobs are done exactly right the first time. By helping them to rank higher and reach out to more people, we’re really helping those people to get the kind of painting that’s going to last a lifetime. 


It’s impossible to overstate how important a great paint job for your home or commercial establishment is. That’s true on the inside as well as the outside. 


So, to that end, we’ve helped Just Right Painting to connect to even more people. For example, as of our last report, Just Right Painting’s Google Analytics show they’ve received hundreds and hundreds of new users since last month. Those are all people who are looking to get a paint job done right now. Through finding Just Right Painting, they’ll be able to get it done, well, just right. 


That’s just one example of how Danny’s strategies work for companies. They can do the same for you as well. To see it for yourself, schedule a consultation with Danny at (213) 457-3250 and take advantage of the reduced prices. 

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