Client of the Week: Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction 

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What They Do: 


With a name like “Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction,” you’d think their name would cover everything that they do. After all, they’re highly-experienced, trained expert contractors. They construct plans safely, quickly, and efficiently under constant and rigorous engineer monitoring. 

That said, they do far, far more than that. 

For example, they offer free inspections. 

This thorough, detailed inspection from an engineer is comprehensive indeed. It gets the dimensions, identifies all aspects of the structural system, and then conducts an uncompromising health assessment of the building. If there’s something wrong, they’ll tell you, and then lay out all of the ways they can fix it quickly. That said, if the building is fine, they’ll let you know that, too. 

In the Los Angeles area, earthquakes are a constant concern. Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction structural engineers utilize the most up-to-date earthquake design calculations to save customers as much as possible in terms of construction costs, all while never disturbing tenants on the lease. Over the years, they’ve helped so many to get the most from their property investments, all through expert retrofit, remodeling, and construction services. 


What Danny Star and the Team Have Done for Them: 


As with so many of our other clients across many different industries, Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction provides a great benefit to people. So, it’s a real responsibility to have them as a client, because by getting the company in front of more potential customers, they can help more people. 

Over the past year, they’ve risen to the top Google position on the top Google page for keywords such as “retrofit construction LA,” “reinforcement wall construction LA,” and “reinforced wall company LA.” The latter two keywords they just rose to in the last month. 

To see similar results for your business, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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