The Importance of Ego-Free Brainstorming  

Everyone in your company has ideas. They might not have them immediately, but perhaps they hear something that someone else suggests, and it makes them think or something. Danny holds brainstorming sessions often, just as many other companies do. But, there are some workers, truly intelligent, talented, gifted, experienced and more that maybe don’t feel…

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flash  actual

Client of the Day: Flash Moving 

What They Do:  A professional moving company with more than nine years of experience, Flash Moving serves clients throughout Los Angeles as well as the surrounding area. Fully licensed and insure, they provide expert, friendly service with no hidden or surprise fees of any kind. Available for local, commercial, as well as “labor only” moves, they…

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Impossible to Overstate the Importance of Your Online Reputation 

When small business owners get into digital marketing, they tend to focus on the things they can see, what they can control. They’re very excited to build a new website, to get going on their social media channels, making videos, Google Ads, etc. Things like managing their online reputation can be more nebulous, a little…

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Client of the Day: Trauma and Beyond Center 

Who They Are:    The Center provides intensive outpatient, partial/day treatment as well as individualized outpatient programs for trauma, mental health, and coexisting disorders. Founded on the idea that psychological trauma is at the root of many psychological and emotional disturbances, they not only address symptom reduction but work to facilitate growth-promoting healing.    What…

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