Client of the Day: Denteractive 

What They Do:    Provide teledentistry. An online platform for dentists to connect to people in need, Denteractive makes it possible for more people to receive the help of dental professionals than ever before. Available 24/7/365, people can get emergency dental help. Additionally, it helps people to find dentists in their area, lets dentists better…

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paycheck protection program loan

Understanding What the Paycheck Protection Program Loans Require

2020 is an uncertain year for small businesses. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a very murky landscape for everyone. Most industries haven’t been able to find their footing, particularly with a lot of them unable to work properly. In the interest of protecting small businesses, the SBA is rolling out paycheck protection program…

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bob the builder

Reaching People Where They Live When They’re Only Where They Live 

That’s one thing that comes up all the time during Danny Star’s digital marketing consulting sessions: “how do I reach more potential customers?” Often, this is followed by the phrase: “I want to reach them where they live.” Obviously, this is a metaphor, meaning “reach customers organically, as they go through the course of their…

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